Anatomy of a Deal Gone Bad

The Maddux Fiasco
Part III: Who Wanted What?
a baseballyarn inquiry
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The Braves signed Maddux, leaving us with some some basic questions!
The Player
Greg Maddux
  • Did he really want to be a Cub?
  • Quick Quote

    "We don't have any money."

    Larry Himes to Scott Boras (December 9, 1992)
    The Agent
    Scott Boras
  • Did he actually call the shots?
  • The Baseball Exec
    Larry Himes
  • Did he really want Maddux?
  • The Corporate Exec
    Stanton Cook
  • Did he actually call the shots?
  • We don't know how to account for some of the variations in the basic story--for example . . .
    First Offer (Dec. 3, 1991)

  • Cubs offer to Player. . .
  • $5,000,000 a year for 5 years
  • Historic amount for a pitcher
  • Player and Agent do not respond
  • Alternate version of First Offer

  • Maddux declines original offer because it lacks a no-trade clause!
  • He then changes his mind and tells team clause not necessary!
  • Cubs then stall and shilly-shally and do not get back to him!
  • Maddux demands that Cubs respond by specific date and time!
  • 5 minutes after deadline, Cubs tell him offer has been withdrawn!
  • If true, it represents a
    Display of Pettiness

  • . . . by the player for
         making such a demand
  • . . . by Cub executives for
         letting the deadline pass
  • And there are two ways of interpreting Himes' complaint about bidding against himself. . .
  • Himes upped his original offer from 25 to 27.5 million
  • Boras was not satisfied with the new amount
  • He wanted Himes to boost it to 30 million ("6 for 5")
  • No other team has been able to make an offer yet and . . .
  • Himes is supposed to keep bidding against himself?
  • To Boras, Himes is not bidding against himself
  • He is bidding on the player's value, which is rising
  • By mid-1992, Maddux was an All Star (and Himes upped the payout)
  • By the end of 1992 he was a 20-game winner!
  • And Himes should boost the contract still further!
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