Baseball nutrition: interview with Ève Crépeau, sports nutritionist

Recently, eminent readers, we learned of the appointment of two nutrition specialists within the Baseball Academy of Canada.We are curious to learn more on the subject, as well as with a view to democratizing healthy eating, I got in touch with one of them, Madame Ève Crépeau.

But why the hell the expertise of nutritionists? As my interlocutor explained to me, her role is one of coaching for athletes aged 16 to 19 who are going to move to the United States, in particular.She shares her knowledge of the right food choices to make in order to 'optimizing performance in matches and training and also ensuring good growth among young people.That's great, isn't it?

For the record, I can confirm that the next generation of baseball is in good hands.Madame Crépeau is a leading authority on sports nutrition, in addition to being a very eloquent young woman, a teacher and passionate about her career.profession.

The particularities of baseball

From the outset, the basis of nutrition remains the same for an athlete, regardless of the profession, however, as said by the one who collaborates with several sports teams, including the Carabins, in connection with each sport and each role in this sport, the diet will be adapted.The differences are found in the frequency of training, the duration of a match or a performance as well as in the level of energy expenditure related to it.

To go more directly to baseball, one of the key elements to maximize its performance is recovery and it is precisely for this purpose that what we offer to our body can play a primordial role.Almost every day, a good diet will keep your energy level constant.In addition to making sure you are at your peak, we also reduce the risk of injury by banding.

Posted Date: 2020-12-12

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