American soccer, an eternal student?

Posted on 06 Jun 2019 at 12:01 - Updated on 10 June 2019 at 17:46

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While it has long allowed Americans to stifle competition, college football is now a brake on discipline in the United States.Report in California and North Carolina.

Plunged in the dark, twenty Californian students scrutinize a big screen.In the image, it is not the last Hollywood blockbuster, but a football match.Casual outfit, pair of tap dancing, the young spectators , members of the Santa Clara University football team, debrief their 2-1 victory over their Caltech (California Institute of Technology) counterparts.

In Santa Clara, female football students benefit from modern facilities, which would make certain professional clubs green with envy.

On the wall of the hall are displayed the photos of the soccer celebrities who preceded them in this prestigious Jesuit university founded in 1851, in the midst of the gold rush: the ex-internationals Aly Wagner and Leslie Osborne, winners of the national university title (National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA) of the Broncos in 2001, or local icon Brandi Chastain, two-time world and Olympic champion.In office since 1987, the iconic coach Jerry Smith, Chastain's husband, distributes the vouchers and the bad points."Don't get pinned wide [" don't let yourself be locked up "]", he launches to his players in deciphering a delicate situation of recovery.Ultra precise, the video session goes on for an hour and half.

Outside, the temperature is already approaching 30 degrees at the end of April morning.An hour's drive from San Francisco, the region is the epicenter of Silicon Valley.The campus exudes prosperity.In Santa Clara, the students footballers benefit from modern facilities, which would make some professional clubs green with envy: a 7,000-seat stadium, a training ground and an entire building for them.This comfort has not always existed.In the midst of the trophies, coach Smith remembers her debut in 1987: “I only earned $ 2,500 a year.I had no purses to offer to the best players; I have 14 now.I was alone when I now have a real staff ...In the whole country, there were only 72 teams in divisions 1 and 2.Today, there are only 350.'in division 1… ”

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