"We finished in last place with you;
we can finish in last place without you"

Branch Rickey
(General Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates)

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  • Rickey says this to Ralph Kiner, who has just led
       both leagues
    in home runs for the sixth year in a row!
  • How Rickey rewards Kiner: 1) cuts his salary after the
       1952 season, 2) trades him to Cubs in June 1953
  • What a wonderful boss, huh?
  • But to this day some "experts" actually defend Rickey!
  • Mr. Rickey was absolutely correct! The Pirates finished last without Kiner in 1954 and 1955, and
    trailed all NL teams in attendance,

  • proving that finishing last without Kiner
    also meant finishing last without Kiner's fans

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